Search Secrets Revealed

What are you expecting? I hope it's not something grandiose or thought provoking, because the truth is there really aren't any secrets to managing a PPC campaign. Oh sure there are a lot of moving parts, and it takes some practice to get good at it but I think you could say that about a lot things. Cooking, for example, or riding a bicycle.

This site exists to train you how to launch and manage your PPC campaign, but there's nothing quick and easy about it. I am going to outline my methodology as clearly and concisely as possible (warning: writing short sentences is a challenge for me).

The biggest PPC secret of all is that it takes time to get good at managing an account, but it's well worth it. I suppose that those of us who do this every day have a secret sauce of tools and techniques that may work equally well, but we'll probably never know because everyone's just so darned secretive about it.

Well the secrets stop now! I'm going to train you how to use the special super duper Dooley PPC methodology to get your campaigns to perform well. Oh that's right. Bring it.

What's in it for me? I hope I so completely overwhelm a few of you that you'll decide to hire me to train your staff and/or manage your PPC campaigns. You see? Full disclosure feels good. Send me an email if you need further clarification on what this site is all about.

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